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Charlotte Godfrey

A little bit about me…

Charlotte Godfrey Art: Surrey based artist specialising in watercolour and bespoke pet portaits.


The client’s reaction to receiving their bespoke pet portrait is the main reason I paint! It gives me a great sense of accomplishment, creating something they can treasure forever.


​In 2013, I left Fine Art College with a wide-ranging skill set and a deeper understanding of the Art industry. Keeping within the creative industries I then started modelling, working and travelling the world.

Now with both my modelling and art working side by side. My love for creating art is ever growing.


Watercolour is my choice medium for its controlled chaos element, using its fluidity to create something beautiful. Although I specialise in watercolour, I also work with Acrylic and Oil.

I hope you enjoy my art, as much as I enjoy creating it!

​Charlotte x


Video Edit

Videopraphy by: Drew Buckler