Introducing Myself

Hi guys!

For my first blog post I thought I would do a short and sweet introduction about me and how I got to where I am today. To give you guys a little character and background, as I feel its important for my work to have the personality with it. I'll try not to bore you haha! Hope you enjoy my life journey so far...

Where it all started..

I've been so lucky to be born and brought up in the stunning surrey hills! Surrounded by never ending natural beauty and the beautiful company of lots and lots of animals. To which has been a huge factor into my art journey. Animals and art have come hand in hand since day one. Fond memories of riding the family horses over the national trust parks then coming back to sketch with my grandma (Nin). Days spent next to the village stream learning to paint with my mum or watching my dad in the evenings sketching his carpentry designs. I loved art so much, I even used to draw in the mud! plodding along home filthy but happy. Never been much of a girly girl haha, which doesn't make much sense with my years of modelling to follow.

I went to Guildford fine art college & graduated in 2013 with a wide range of skills and understanding of art. My college work reflects nothing in my current work today but I came away from college with the most important lesson.. self confidence in your work and skills! Which I often find myself preaching to aspiring artists! Confidence is key!

After college my art was put into a different path, I started modelling full time from the age of around 18 onward. I've been very lucky to have a many successful years of modelling, Traveling the world shooting campaigns, dressed in incredible designer garments and meeting very talented creatives. Including a couple that have become life long friends! (you know how you are if your reading this ahah)

My art started again in 2018, I felt the calling to pick up the paint brush again. That first painting was a surprise! I had no idea if I could still paint, but was just like riding a bike. Muscle memory and instinct kicked back in and before I knew it I was playing around and painting in every spare moment I had. Even after long set days shooting in London or while I was having my make up done, my mind was drifting and dreaming of what art I could create next!

Once I started posting a few pictures on my social media, Interest starting coming in with it landing my first request for a pet portrait! Something that I hadn't thought of before but found myself absolutely adoring, not only did I discover the appreciation someone could have for my work but also the joy that I could bring them by creating a forever likeness and celebration of their beloved pet in the form of art! Over 230 commission later and 2 years in, I have many moments that I have to pinch myself! cant believe how far I've come already!

Saying all this as if life has followed its easy, designated and fated path all along, would be a lie. Its been a learning curve and journey the whole way! Creating a business without any professional help or without a business degree has been hard, but to be honest I would never had want to do it any other way. Ive had the joy of learning and discovering new things about the art industry and also about myself!

To tie this not so short first blog post up, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all my friends and family that have supported me and pushed me to create my art business! I wouldn't be here today without them all especially my partner Lewis' endless patience and help, late night packing before a show or weekend mornings in bed spell checking my website before it went live. The biggest thank you to every person that's purchased or commissioned my work!

I'm so excited to see whats to come in this art journey and excited to bring you guys along with me through my social media and this new blog!

Hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it!

Stay safe!

Charlotte x

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